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Is there objective evidence to support the notion that Christianity is true?

This web site is a record of my ongoing effort to answer that question. Here you will find the published result of my research to date, and a blog in which I talk about my current research.

What you will not find on this site is a defense of the Christian faith. I want to know whether an objective observer, after reviewing all the available evidence, would conclude that Jesus Christ is worthy of his trust--or not. Consequently, when I began this project I decided that I would let the skeptics put forward their best case. If Jesus is real, he will not be diminished thereby.

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From the Dallas Morning News, June 16, 2006:

In 1997, Hon-Ming Chen and about 160 members of a Taiwanese religious group called Chen-Tao bought more than 20 homes in a south Garland [Texas] neighborhood.

Group members were vegetarians. They dressed in white, wore cowboy hats and drove luxury cars. They reportedly believed that two young boys in their group were the reincarnations of Jesus and Buddha. They told reporters they had come to Garland to watch God come to Earth and take human form at 10 a.m. on March 31, 1998, at the home of Mr. Chen, a former college professor.

God did not make the expected appearance.

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