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A Thought for Resurrection Day

[Copied from a post on my Facebook page.]
A thought for Resurrection Day--which will be of interest whether or not you are a believer. This past week I reached a milestone in an effort that has gone on for at least seven years, since I started the "science section" of my project.

The goal of the science section was to evaluate without prejudice the notion that scientific knowledge has done away with God. I had to go down that path because if science has done away with God, then Jesus cannot have risen from the dead, no matter what the historical record may say.

Seven years later, the result is very much different than what I expected when I started. I'm not done with the science section, but I am done with special relativity. More important, I've established the conditions under which the materialist claim can be evaluated on its own terms, so that it can succeed or fail on its own merits. And, mercifully, I realized that the evaluation can be presented in relatively few words of plain English, with a minimum of scientific jargon.

This is the link to the first article in the series. Each article is a page. At the end of each page, click the Next link to bring up the next article. For information's sake, I've put a link to each article in a comment following this post.
Link to first article.

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