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A Few Changes

I made a few minor changes to the articles on the transmission of light through space.

In The Elusive Ether, I rearranged the fifth and sixth paragraphs to improve the readability.

In Einstein's Abandonment of the Ether, I added mention of a paper by Michel Janssen, which does a good job of explaining why Einstein's theory is simple and consistent in comparison to Lorentz's theory.

In How to Build a Universe: The Transmission of Light Through Space, I added an allusion to a pithy statement by Max Born:
I see. Well, perhaps you can tell me about what happens here, where I've drawn a green arrow. Both fields decay to zero strength, then immediately begin to grow in strength. Why doesn't the wave cease to exist at the zero point? Usually we see some provision for storage and replenishment in systems like this, but I see that your space is empty. To be honest, I've never seen a system that vibrates with nothing to vibrate. How did you want us to implement this specification?

I have done some reading and thinking about how to discuss general relativity (the operation of gravity). An outline should be ready soon.

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